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Obituary of

John Bridgers, CSA Veteran

The Dillon Herald, Dillon, South Carolina

January 22, 1925 

Death of Confederate Soldier


The thinning line of Confederate veterans was further educed last Sunday when Mr. John Bridgers, father of J. L. Bridgers of this city, died at his home near Elrod, a victim of pneumonia following an attack of influenza.  He enjoyed vigorous heath until last Christmas, when he suffered from a cold which developed into influenza and later pneumonia.  He was 80 years of age at his death.  During the war between the states he was active in the defense of the Southland until his captor at Fort Fisher.

His remains were laid to rest with fitting ceremony at the old family plot at Elrod, the services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Woodall of Rowland.

He is survived by his third wife, and the following sons and daughters, most of whom were present at, the funeral:  J. L. Bridgers of Dillon, J. E. Bridges of Elrod, Norment of Winston-Salem, A. V. of Florence, George of Norfolk College, Collier of Davidson College, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Bernard of Norfolk.

transcribed by Helen B. Moody from microfilm at the Dillon Library, Dillon, South Carolina

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